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Washington Post Written Review: Closing Down

Another one bites the dust. This is a sign of our times unfortunately.
If it means everything is going digitally because of our economic times.
It is just too bad.

It is good news for us, as book bloggers because author's and their book publicist's need us even more as newspapers are folding. They still need us to review their client's next best sellers. The next one to fold is The Washington Post's Book World starting in February. The only one left that will still be around is The New York Times.

How unfortunate I am not ready to go digital, and I don't think I ever will. I love to read a old fashioned book and relax. Not from a computer.

I don't like those downloadable books either and I don't think I ever will. There is a problem when you read from those anyway how to save your spot.
I would assume you call it a bookmark. Here is the link to read here.

Amazing: The Human Cell

This is so amazing I just had to post this on my blog. I usually don't post anything but books. But take this as a learning experience.
I am taking A/P in class we are talking about cell division. You would have to understand my excitement about this class. If you believe in G-d than you would understand how I feel. Life is so intricate and amazing how life begins, granted this is cell division not development of a fetus. But it is still amazing. One little mistake with the genetic makeup... How we are dividing everyday is a miracle. The intricacy and the science is just wonderful.. To watch this short flick is amazing, the human body is amazing....Don't mean to get on my soap box but I can't help it. The short animation is from youtube.

Say Adios to The 38th Ave. Diva Readers Book Club

I am in the need for a new book club.
Unfortunately all the work and sweat to keep the book club running has come to a end.
I knew we were loosing members but nothing gave any of us the idea that it would end.
I asked one member to run the book club next month in February. Unfortunately her husband is ill and would not be able to do it.

I then sent a email thinking someone would come to the rescue. Unfortunately no one did. The thing of it is, I always felt there is always a reason for something to come to a end. So maybe this is it. I am too busy with school to discuss the book, The Reader. My friend is already doing two in a row in March and April.
There is almost every person dealing with health issue in our book club. Except two people. Everyone else either has health issue or has someone that is ill

I have killed my self too many times. It hurts like heck, because I started this baby. But unfortunately, no one cares. How sad it was a good run. But as the saying goes. &quo…

Book Giveaway: People of the Book

I am having a book giveaway contest for People of the book.
To enter you must leave a comment here and at Jewish Rantings, my other blog. to have one entry and for a additional entry leave a comment on Jewish Rantings and for additional information.
The books are courtesy of Julie at FSB Associates.

Community of Online Book Club @ Facebook

A new online book club community is at facebook if you always wanted to join a book club, and just could not find the time or a cetain time did not work, or not one in your area. Or there unfortunately were personal conflicts that just happen in book clubs you might want to check it out. Here is the place to get information.
Literate Housewife has posted about it on her blog. You can join her's or see others that are existing that might interest you. You can also check out her new blog it is wonderful.

Bibliophile's Paradise

I just had to share this story. This has to be a bibliophile's dream come true. But at least this would be my book fantasy get-away. Wouldn't you love to be surrounded by books like this. I sure would. Now, let me see what book to choose. I don't think I would even know which one. This is like letting me go to the penny candy store when I was a little kid. I think it would take me a year to just catalog them all. Read on....

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Browse the Artifacts of Geek History in Jay Walker's Library
By Steven Levy Email 09.22.08
From King James to James Bond, Chaucer to Sputnik, a personal library like no other.
Photo: Andrew Moore

The View From Above Looming over the library is an original Sputnik 1 satellite, one of several backups the Soviets built. At far left is a model of NASA's experimental X-29 jet, with forward-swept wings. "It's the first plane that a pilot can't fly—only computers can handle it," Walker…

Mailbox Monday

I am blogging the first time for Mailbox Monday it is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page. If I forgot something please don't be shy and let me know.

The books that arrived this week by my friendly mailman/ mailwoman and UPS person was:

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah
The Illumination by Jill Gregory and Karen Tintori
Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult
Realible Wife By Robert Goolrick
The Help by Kathryn Stockett

My pile is starting to fill up again.. I can't wait to read the few I listed above.
But I still have a few more pages to People of The Book which will be finished today.
Then off to read Sima's Undergarments for Women

Oprah's Done it Again

Oprah has done it again. I usually don't like to publicize pulp but because it has to do with a book I have been wanting to read, and of course book clubs. I just had to let everyone know. Oprah is inviting book clubs to participate with another first, via webcast on youtube. She has sent a email to book clubs to participate. They will be discussing The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski And your book club might be featured.

Information about the book and background information can be found at Oprah's website.
It is full of background information and other fun things to know about the book.

This sounds very interesting. I would have loved our book club to participate.
But this is too short notice for our group. If it is a hit we may be able to participate the next time. But if you are a follower, you may be interested.
Here are the links to set up the webcast.
Here is the preview to the link
Sounds like fun but I will be working. But all of you Guys and Dolls that …
I wanted to share this article I found about about book clubs and finding the right fit. It is something to think about.

Finding a well-fitting book group is no easy assignment.

By Melanie Cox McCluskey

For The Inquirer

Kristen Bellamy has tasted the sweet success of a well-read, well-run book club - and she misses it desperately.

Bellamy, a physician liaison for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, tried out a couple of book clubs in Boston before moving to Philadelphia in June.

The first club, made up of strangers pulled together via Craigslist, struggled to decide on book choices. Then she struck gold with her second group - in fact, she still asks the members what they're reading.

Now living in Fishtown, she tried a book club she found on, but she said it felt awkward, and the discussion of the novel Special Topics in Calamity Physics was "very cursory, very surface."

For bookworms who are social butterflies, a book club is the perfect excuse to dig into …
Here my post on Sima's Undergarments for Women. Just recieved the ARC. I have read some good reviews. You can check out my post here.

How Was Your Day??

We had our book club business meeting today. I did not know if I was going to be able to have it or call it off. Last night we had our monthly Rosh Hodesh meetings.

I came home I promised my son that I would take him to McDonalds. I drove into their parking lot, and heard a thump. ugh oh! David I think we got a flat. Sure enough we did it was 11 PM. Luckily it was warm in SC last night. We walked home. Waited till 8 in the morning and was ready to call a tow truck.

Because the tire was ruined I had to be towed. I could not find the phone book. My book club would be meeting in three hours. And I could not even remember who did I use last time when I got a flat. I had called my girlfriend Gayle. She started reading down the list of car repairs till she got to Hussy. Both of us said that name sounds familiar.

I called and told me it would be taken care of right away. I went with them to have the car towed. He gave me some more bad news. I needed another tire for the oth…

Wish Me Luck

Thank y'all that responded to my post, "Help Wanted".
Most of you picked the same books I had thought about. That tells you, that we are all on the same page.

Wish me luck at our book club business meeting. We always have some hacklers and complainer that don't bother to show up. Then they wonder why we picked them. I have given every one the opportunity to send me books they would like to nominate for the meetings for the year. Oh well not my fault!!

I want to try to sneak a contemporary classic, possibly Hemingway or someone mentioned Gone with the Wind, or Little Women. I also would like to see a few memoirs this year. Maybe even Historical Fiction. I want to try Who By Fire.
One of our snowbirds is going to moderate next month the Reader and in April The Madonnas of Leningrad which I loved. The Time Traveler's Wife possibly for a book club favorite or Bean Tree by Kingslover.

I want to start something different. The only problem many a time we have a f…

Help Wanted

Our book club is meeting this week for our annual business meeting to discuss what books to read for the year. If any of my blogger readers, and the blogging community, have ideas what books are good for discussion please leave a comment. I was thinking of Testimony which I just finished. But I wanted a couple more that really stand out.
It would be most appreciated, Thanks...