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Our Beloved Rabbi

I have known Rabbi Debbie for a few years. I connected with her right away. She is my kind of person. She is a " free spirit". A Jewish feminist, my kind of person. Our biggest connection is books.  We would occasionally bump into each other at Barnes at Noble at Market Commons.  When we get together, watch out. We can talk for hours about books.

Rabbi Debbie each year for the last four years has been the guest speaker for our Jewish Grand Strand Reads event. From Alice Hoffman, and the Dove Keeper, to Rav Hisda's Daughter, from Maggie Anton, and finally our favorite read, Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker.

She doesn't ask for compensation for these events. But, does this for the love of reading and sharing her knowledge to others.

Rabbi Debbie doesn't have a pulpit. Instead she teaches at the local university, at Coastal Carolina University. She teaches religious studies. Everyone loves Rabbi Deb.

A few years ago, Rav Deb and I were discussing something abou…

The Cook's Temptation's: Blog Tour

Book Blast: The Cook's Temptation by Joyce Wayne
HF Virtual Book Tours invites you to join Joyce Wayne as she tours the blogosphere for The Cook’s Temptation! Find the information below to enter a giveaway to win an eBook of The Cook’s Temptation or a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

Publication Date: February 1, 2014
Mosaic Press
Formats: Ebook, Paperback

Joyce Wayne brings to life the complexities of Victorian life, first in County Devon and then in London’s East End. The ‘big picture’ is about one woman’s life, class conflict, religious intolerance, suspicion and betrayal. The central figure is Cordelia, a strong-minded Jewish woman who is caught between her desire to be true to herself and her need to be accepted by English society. Cordelia Tilley is the daughter of a Jewish mother and an Anglican father. Her mother has groomed her for a life in English society while her father, a tough publican, has shown no tolerance for his wife’s social climbing or the conceits of their perspicacious…

Bintel Brief: Review

Bintel Brief
By Liana Finck
Harper Collins

This is a love letter to the Bintel Brief. The Bintel Brief was part of the Yiddish newspaper called , The  Forward. The Bintel Brief was written by the editor, Abraham Cahan. He was the editor and creator of the Bintel Brief.  They were letters written to the editor.  They were letters asking for advice( Dear Abbey). 

Bintel Brief was a popular column in the Yiddish newspaper,  The Forward. It was  read by many Jews in New York.  I learned about the Bintel Brief years ago. It was a popular Jewish newspaper read by many Jews.  The Forward still exists today. The advice column was started by Abraham Cahan, editor and creator. 

I have wanted to read a graphic novel for a few years. To get out of my comfort zone. This one was the first novel that caught my eye. I am very happy that I found this gem of a book. Finally, when I saw Bintel Brief, I knew I had to read it.  I enjoyed reading it very much and recommend it to anyone that is Jewish, loves …

Remembering Rue McClanahan as Blanche

I didn't realize how young she was when she starred in Golden
Girls with the Bea Arthur, and Getty. She must have been in her 40's.
She passed away today, she was in her mid 70's.  She died of a massive stroke- so sad.

I saw a recent picture of her. I don't want to remember her like that. I want to remember her as a beautiful, refined, classy lady( at least in Golden Girls). 

She was great in the Golden Girls.  The Southern Belle with sexual seduction tendencies.

She really made the show. She was so funny.  Brings back memories of the 80's, and the TV shows.
Only one left now is, Betty White.  Thought I would post to share. Just loved Golden Girls.

The Golden Girls brought a view of older citizens as lively, and feisty. I think this changed the perspective of older people. People thought older citizens just waiting to die. I think in some ways that has changed.  Because of the baby boomer generation, which is a large group.  Will not let that happen.

 I am rea…

Disappointment: From the Sidelines of BEA 2014

I am disappointed in BEA and the powers that be this year. They changed the format for people that were unable to attend this year. This year they decided not to stream the panels, and events and conversations on the floor with authors, and publicists.  The past few years that I attended by the side lines at home from my computer, they streamed. 

Publishing magazines allowed accessibility to know what galley are hot and would be given out to BEA. There was not any list floating around on the web that I know about. 

Third was the disappointment with Saturday, formerly a extension of BEA.  Now called Book Con.

They had a panel of publishers talking about upcoming book club books. Carol, from Book Reporter emailed me back and told me there would not be anything on youtube this year. But they would still have their slide show-how disappointing. 

I am writing this post with a heavy heart. Because in past years BEA has thought of people that were unable to attend. This year was very different. …

The Best Movie I Have Seen All Year-Chef

This is one movie definitely, if you have not seen yet- you must see it. Most movies this season have been disappointing.  We saw a movie, Belle last week. I was very disappointed.

This time around I checked out the video first, and checked for reviews. It received high ratings, and I checked out the trailer. It looked great.

Anything to do with food, especially Cuban is my kind of movie.  Too bad only thing we were missing was a nice meaty Cuban sandwich being served at the theater.  That would have been a great gimmick. The movie was a fun, nostalgic ride of Miami and the food. I could smell the Cuban sandwich sizzling, LOL!!

The movie was part road trip, part family relationships, comedy, friendships, father-son relationships, and of course part foodie, and even twitter.

I can't say enough about this movie. I have seen movies this year that were so disappointing this one was definitely not.

Chef, played by Jon Favreau  is Carl Casper. He  is a chef in a elegant restaurant.  He…